A change in security protocol protects the future King of England

I worried about the safety of the future king of England when he was still in the womb.

When the time came for his christening I wrote one friend and noted that it must not be done

at Westminster, St. Paul, or any other publically accessible religious venue.

The young prince was shown toddling along in a crowded public area a few months ago.

If an amateur photographer’s lens can capture an image, Prince George is in range for an assassination attempt.

Who would assassinate a baby?

It would be the same people who fly aircraft into buildings, commit acts of fratricide at Fort Hood, and

think it mere sport to kill a child at the Boston Marathon.

I miss the days of seeing the little royals trotted out to the public.

The British Intelligence services have it figured out.

A museum is closed to the public. A future leader of the free world is protected.

Remember the image of Lady Diane with her two young sons at a water park?

That ship has sailed.

Our civilization is under attack.



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One thought on “A change in security protocol protects the future King of England”

  1. The Royals apparently know the danger that the Prince Charles faces. The problem is infiltration and subversion. A Western revert to Islam is the most dangerous type of Muslim. How is there a way to profile for such a threat?


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