Drawing Muhammad and PTSD

Call it not conviction.  Call it PTSD.


Renald Luzier, a survivor of the Charlie Hebdo attacks will no longer draw Muhammad.

Who can draw what terrorizes, what causes nightmares?

As for me, I will attend this event:


I do not have PTSD.  I do have a conviction that freedom of expression is the flagpole from which liberty unfurls her own bright colours.  It is not freedom…. “except for this one thing”.   It is freedom – one hundred percent of the time. Minus free speech, we are deluded regarding our enslavement. Self censorship is enslavement.  Lack of courage to attend a controversial event is enslavement.

Renald Luzier is now a slave of Allah.

The Last English Prince will live free. What worse manner of death, than to die a slave?


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