Terror Attack Against Freedom of Expression Event: Garland, Texas

Yes, The Last English Prince was in attendance.

Yes, I am in a Hellacious mood.

Yes, I will blog extensively about this later.

I do have to make one small comment.

CNN broadcasters stumbled over their words when sharing a very simple Twitter message threat against the Drawing Muhammad Exhibition.  There was an apparent inability to understand easy Arabic transliteration. The Tweet was a threat against attendees.

CNN also seemed unaware that the avatar for the account was an image of Anwar al-Awlaki (it comes from a screen shot of one of his videos after he fled the United States).

Should you formulate opinion regarding the Islamic gestalt and its  posture against our Constitutional rights from

media outlets who have little background and true understanding of this issue?

Of course not.

In the post below is an image of my tickets.  I may frame them with a copy of the Bill of Rights.

Do not spin this story.  Do not spit on our faces.

Our attendance at the event is all about Constitutional right. We have the right to speak about anything

and everything that comes to mind. With any restraint, the freedom no longer exists.

Will you let those who were born as slaves and live as slaves dictate bondage against the free?

And what will you do when two men alight from their vehicle with guns blazing and wearing back packs?

The Last English Prince will live free and die free.


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