May 3, 2015: Terror Attack in Garland, Texas

For Immediate Release:

The Home Owners Association of America met at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas tonight. There was only one issue on the table. The agenda was devoted to  the case of a foreign national resident, Mr. Muhammad.

For many years, Mr. Muhammad was a decent neighbor within the exclusive HOAA  neighborhood. But his recent acquisition of a Bullmastiff to guard his personal estate has called into question his right to maintain a residence within the Home Owners Association of America.

Shari’ah, the dog in question, has been unleashed in the evenings and allowed to tear up the lawns and soil the thresholds of adjacent property. For many years, members of the neighborhood have prided themselves on their lawns and genteel manner of living.  This lifestyle is embodied within the by-laws guiding property owner’s maintenance of family homes.The HOAA is considered one of the most exclusive residential addresses in the world.  There is an extensive waiting period and financial cost to join this HOAA. What was once a congenial community is now reduced to a neighborhood where good will has ceased to exist.

The HOAA met  at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas at five p.m. to discuss the case of Mr. Muhammad and his pet. The meeting lasted approximately two hours. Members of the community presented physical evidence of the trouble encountered with the dog named  Shari’ah. The primary discussion and concern was the property devaluation inflicted by an unleashed Shari’ah. Mr. Muhammad refused to attend the event, stating that it offended him that we would talk about his pet.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Muhammad released two rabid dogs to attack the property owners in attendance at the event.  The Last English Prince had anticipated this response and chose to wear black as a signal of deep mourning. The two curs were killed by animal control officers. But The Last English Prince and others were taken to a hardened security area and then transported in convoy to a secondary safe location.  Our vehicles remained on the site of an active crime scene.

The Last English Prince shared a cab with the photographer for the event. The $106.00 cab fare seems a small price to pay for having a voice in the HOAA event.

It remains disconcerting that the terror attack on the Home Owners Association of America places the property owners in a place of guilt, as opposed to innocence. Freedom of Expression includes the right to “provocative” speech. Freedom of speech means that self-censorship is an apparition which does not haunt the sane. Freedom of speech means that I can say what I mean and mean what I say.  Only the mentally ill invoke a right to kill when offended.

Yet it is not so much the HOAA which is on trial.  Freedom of speech is pronounced guilty. Freedom of speech is criminalized.  And the by-laws of the Home Owners Association of America are declared null and void.

Mr. Muhammad will continue to unleash his Bullmastiff, Shar’iah.  There is only one question to ask. Look in the mirror as you ask it.  “What will I do when two men with assault rifles and backpacks arrive on my doorstep, courtesy of Mr. Muhammad?

The Last English Prince will live and die free. For the slave must not dictate bondage against the free.  Only those birthed on free soil  truly understand this blessing.


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