Attack on a First Amendment Event: The Draw Muhammad Exhibition

You may access the live streaming video of the social commentary event held in Garland Texas here:

Geert Wilders begins his speech around the thirty minute mark.

The announcement of the attack on the event is at the 1:29 mark.

Yesterday, an east coast analyst somewhat diminished the terror footprint.

He stated it was a “thwarted attack”.

“Thwarted” would have meant the FBI had the men in custody prior to coming to Texas to kill

members of a Constitutionally mandated gathering.

Yes. The Constitution mandates that we assemble peacefully. It mandates that we engage social

commentary and a free flow of the cross pollination of ideas.

Film for the week to better understand this issue? “Kill the Messenger”.

I watched the film last night and there are many parallels to how media is embarking on a smear campaign against

Pamela Geller.

In this fact-based film, a reporter breaks a big story which casts the C.I.A. in a poor light. He is warned that his story will disappear because HE will become the story. Character defamation, focus on the reporter’s personal flaws, and collusion of a media organization in bed with the C.I.A. destroy the fabric of a man’s life. It is no longer about the C.I.A. involvement in drug running to fund a war in Nicaragua.

On May 3, 2015 a terror plot unfolded at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas.  The attack was mounted by two Muslim men who felt it their duty to turn the Constitution into a paper sieve. But within less than 24 hours after an attack mounted against the peaceful, the media moved to slander, defame, and malign Pamela Geller. SHE became the story. The story was no longer about what each one of us experienced on the night of May 3.

My next post will speak to the sentiment of that evening after we were moved to a hardened, secure area.

Please prioritize your entertainment viewing. Watch “Kill the Messenger”.  Then adjust your perspective base.

You will recognize the same order of operations against Pamela Geller.

Name-calling and unjustified mudslinging have reached a new low.

One Tweet sent out suggested that Ms. Geller planned the event because she salivated for an attack.

Media has also suggested that the event was heavily attended by individuals who reside outside the Dallas Fort Worth area.

We are cast as mysterious operatives as opposed to ordinary citizen.

This ordinary citizen worked fourteen hours on Saturday and attended the event on Sunday.

After a long night, this citizen returned to work on Monday.

Tammy Swofford – is The Last English Prince.


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