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One of the many recognizable media correspondents at the Free Speech event in Garland, Texas was Amil Imani. It was heartening to see such a robust press corps in support of this event. Amil and I visited prior to the program. The camaraderie in the conference room was warm amongst the attendees. Those of us who are comfortable with freedom of expression are also the most comfortable in our own skins.

Later, Amil and I discussed the possibility of sharing a cab home, but with coordinates which were not a close match, it was not feasible. So I have looked forward to reading his thoughts regarding his experience.  Mr. Imani brings his own perspective of what happened on the night of May 3, 2015 with eloquence and grace. Please take the time to read his commentary and also click on the home page to view the graphic titled “Global Swarming”.  Those who have not invested sufficient time into the study of Islam as a geopolitical gestalt will continue to speak the words of the blind. The rest of us, will carry on as sentinels for the common good and well-being of all Americans.  That sense of well-being and acceptance is extended to Muslims who seek to plant their roots deeply into this soil of freedom. They are fully accepted. But all who choose to move to our shores must remember this:   Our liberties have been purchased with the blood of generations of American men. Any who seek to degrade such liberties with wanton acts of violence will be brought to account.  The blood of two Muslim men bent on killing Amil Imani, Tammy Swofford, and all others in attendance for the program at the Curtis Culwell Center was required of them. If you shed American blood to deprive “We the People” of Constitutional right, your own blood will be required by the right hand of justice. Justice was meted out on a piece of hot pavement on a Sunday night in Texas.


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