The Psychodynamics of Jihad

This headline caught my eye on May 8th over at the digital version for Daily Mail.

FBI orders more US terror suspects to be put under 24/7 surveillance in wake of ‘Draw Muhammad’ event shooting

The opening salvo is the following:

The FBI has put more American terror suspects under constant surveillance following the attack deadly on a ‘Draw Muhammad’ competition.

Gunmen Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi stormed the controversial competition in Garland, Texas, on Sunday while carrying explosives before they were shot dead by police.

Their actions have prompted the agency to keep a closer eye on ‘marginal’ or ‘borderline’ suspects in a bid to stop potential threats.

The Last English Prince does not support the maintenance of open-ended “watch lists” which lack an outflow mechanism for rapid incarceration and removal from the public square.

The attack on the Draw Muhammad Exhibition in Garland was not a security failure. The Muslim men were unable to breach the perimeter and harm the attendees. But the attack was an intelligence failure. There was an intelligence gap, which is in part, fed and nurtured by a lack of understanding of the intellectual battlespace (IB).  I have steadily moved forward since my solo flight onto the IB platform after 9/11. The impetus for me?  It was the Muslim man who told me that an American woman who leapt to her death from one of the Twin Towers was in “hell because she committed suicide”. My launch was aided by the words of his wife, a former Catholic and revert to Islam who informed me that Usama bin Ladin was a “freedom fighter”.  What kind of madness is that?!

Who is this “god” known as Allah?  I leap-frogged through a few jihad Twitter platforms today for the latest in Theophany. For if God appears to man in physical form, if the same appeared to a man named Muhammad, then he also provides contemporary manifestation via jihadi boasts. Perhaps this god can best be uncloaked in a simple boast on a YouTube I viewed today.  “We will kill. We will hold slaves.”  Kill… hold slaves.  That about sums it up. For within Qur’anic theology there are only two categories of human. One is the obedient slave, the other the coerced.

The Last English Prince cannot be coerced.

I have been down the rabbit hole of jihad for many years now. I understand the terrain of the mind. I certainly understand the psychodynamics of jihad.  And within this intellectual battlespace, we continue to falter.

We should be concerned regarding the usage of terms such as “borderline” for those engaged in Islamic theophany. There is no such doctrine regarding jihad. Jihad cannot be borderline in interest. It is all-consuming. Jihad begins with intent. That intent takes the safety off the logic weapon in the brain. Within Islamic thought, intent is actually honoured more than the act.  The man with intent has already established himself as a shaheed. If he dies on his bed travelling to a land of jihad he is a martyr. With the first gallop of a horse he is a martyr. I have these references on file. I refuse to spoon feed the ignorant.

With my prior military experience a simple example will suffice to understand the psychodynamics of jihad. In military drill, commands have two components. The first component is the preparatory command. The second, the execution of the command.   Atten (prep) tion! (execution). Right (prep) face! (execution) Forward (prep) march! (execution)

In the world of jihad, the preparatory command is not a “borderline” activity. It is a seamless activity where the one command is followed through naturally by the second command. The myth of a borderline jihadi is just that.

I believe that watch lists should be maintained to locate individuals who show signs of preparatory command. When these signals are identified, they should be removed from the public square prior to execution of command.

Muslim Elton Simpson embarked on jihad with his first signal noted on a social media platform. He became a shaheed through intent, not action.  He died for the cause the day he declared for the cause. His death on May 3rd in Garland, Texas is merely the visible demonstration of the death which he had already invoked. Don’t kid yourself. He was already a dead man walking.


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