Jihad: What we do not understand – can endanger us

Those who enter the Intellectual Battlespace  (IB) are of two different species. There is a species which drill deeply into the writings of Islamists to analyze ThreatCon. And there are those who sit across the table from modern geopolitical Islamists and enter the world of ideas.  The Last English Prince does both.

My final article for Daily Times is titled, “Shadow”.  You may read it at the link.


For those with an interest in the Muslim Brotherhood, pick up a copy of my novel:


The third review by “Samuel Adams” is written by a man who worked for President Bush (numero uno).

If you believe “Arsenal” to be a children’s book, you have not read it as a cryptograph.

My white papers have explored Islam as signal, symbol and code.  Islam is a gestalt. The terrain of the mind

is difficult to understand. But I have earned my place at the table. This place is gratefully accepted.

What we do not understand about jihad – signal, symbol, code, and ultimately trigger mechanism – will continue to haunt us in the aftermath of any attack.

It is indeed a humane course of action to deploy healthy governance initiatives for the common good. This common

good is also obtained with suite of laws which address the Renaissance of Islam in the West as practiced in the

seventh century.  There is a Hadith about this, of course.  Do you know it?


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