Struggling Democracies and Private Citizen Initiatives for the Common Good

I swim in a small pool which has  great depth. This small pool of thought is made up of retired Brigadier, wing commanders, and senior (retired) military leadership from Pakistan and India.

This is part of our thread today regarding education as a means for opportunity:

” Do  we  debate  like  parliament  or  act  ?  That  is  the  challenging  posture…
I  got  the  two  daughters  of  my  servant   maid  admitted  into  DR  MGR  college  for  women  at  Adyar.  The  eldest  daughter  into  MSc  micro biology  course.  the  younger  one  into  Bsc  computer  science.  I  myself  went  with  the  servant  maid  to  the  college  and  spoke  for  them.  i  took  them  to  the  Bank,  drew  cash  and  paid,  as  for  some  strange  reason  the  college  wanted  in  cash.
My  next  task  is  to  find  part  time  employment  for  these  two  girls,  so  that  they  can  pay  off  this  interest  free  loan   on   monthly  basis  without  straining    their  mother   whose earning  capacity  is  limited.     This  is  to  make  them  take  life  seriously  and  work  hard.  I  had  told  them  if  they  do  well  in  studies,  i  will  refund    50%  of  the  loan  at  the  end  of  the  year.  But  they  must  get  above  80%  in  all  subjects.
i  have  also  told  them  that  i will  buy  their   dress  and books….
i  have  told  them  to  come  to  my  house  for  guidance  on  subjects,    method  of  studies  and  to  develop  communication  skills.”

An additional member of this rather exclusive email list stated, “They want ‘Three Cups of Tea’. This is not what we want.”

America will continue to use her alphabet agencies as venues for influence pandering across the globe. Financial aid (USAID, etc.) is used as the carrot on the stick to bring struggling nations into models of global policy compliance.  Unfortunately, a disproportionate amount of funding ends up in the wallets of the very leadership which has put the hurt on the citizens. America is happy to open her coffers.  The private Swiss bank accounts of corrupted leadership swells with the funds diverted from the hands of the poor.

The Last English Prince has invested in the future of Pakistan for many years now. For a season, funds were sent through an NGO to assist widows and orphans.  Funds are now provided to pay the tuition of a university student in Lahore, Pakistan.

The impact of personal investment in one life is a model which I embrace. One hundred percent of the finances goes directly to the one in need. In this case, my investment goes to a young man named Farman. I will always work for the good of the Muslim community. But by the same token, I will work to deconstruct the essential elements of Islam which make it unworkable as a model of governance. These elements continue to erode the edges of our democracy.

Democracy wins the day. And in places like India and Pakistan, individual citizens are making tremendous contributions to the future good of their own nations. This is being accomplished through an investment model which identifies one individual with one overarching need.  That need, is invariably access to education.


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