Nero in the Sudan

I am seated at my desk surrounded by Supreme Court documents contesting the April 15 presidential election results coming out of the Sudan. I have copies of the kangaroo court rulings.  I also have interview notes in my head from one of the presidential contenders. I do not retain personal files for confidential sources. Fourth Amendment Rights, Baby! This is about the right to the privacy of my papers. So the scraps go into my head.  A lot of things are making the neurons synapse at four a.m.  Hence, a cup of coffee and a quick break with a blog post.

President Omar al-Bashir  received 94.5 percent of the vote.

Beloved Leader… Nero in the Sudan.

The African Election Observation Mission to the April 15 General Elections in the Republic of the Sudan provide the long view.

Their “report” is trite and pandering to the unseated, firmly ensconced current “elected” president.

Dirty hands cannot wash dirty hands.


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