Islamic Doctrine

“Death is upon the methodology of Islam.”

These words were written by a jihad recruiter many years ago.

His written works, heavily impacted the man who became a suicide bomber against our CIA agents in Afghanistan.

Death…. indeed.

Tracking through the methodology for over a decade now, I understand the aspects of death –

as envisioned by those who wish us harm.

Whether green birds, normal birds and elephants, rijzan or any other number of things –

death is upon the methodology of Islam.

Work is being done on numerous fronts.

Undoubtedly the intellectual luminaries of Islam who seek to reform the Qur’anic Sciences know the truth.

The Last English Prince detests intellectual dishonesty.

Hence, I do not stand in rank with those who wish to whitewash the dark secrets of a “faith”.

It is far better to tell the truth than to propagate a lie. Do you believe this with all of your heart?

I will stand alone…. with integrity…. with knowledge borne at a high cost of my own time commitment….  without any real

malice toward my Muslim neighbors.

The malice – remains against any and all who deliberately seek to bring Islamic dominance against my Republic.

We really, really do not have the time to “reform” Islam.

Islam exists on a timeless continuum where future is present and past collapsed into one envelope. None of our reformist efforts touch the hearts of those who wish us harm.

Islam is a gestalt with core features of expansionism and aggression against a foreign host.

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