Presidential Study Directive 11

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A friend sent me this link with the following question: “What do you think?”

Presidential Study Directive

Here is my email response:

Minus total access to the complete document the author is engaging conjecture. What is not conjecture, is our long history of seeking regime change in regions of the world under the banner of “human rights”. As always, the road to hell is paved with good intentions – or intentions which seek to open up new markets for trans-national corporations.

It is in our best interest and the interest of all to create larger and more stable regions for commerce which funtion with economic lanes which are not impeded by terrorism. But I believe very strongly that democracy must be organic in nature.  It can even be hybrid, in some respects. But it cannot be planted in soil which is foreign to the same. It is like taking a nitrate rich plant and moving it into a sandy loam. If the “plant” survives the transplant shock, it will go on to die from lack of cultural nutrients.

Islam lacks cultural nutrients which allow the tree of liberty to survive.

*The author is not discounted in his thoughts. They may be thoroughly accurate. But minus analyses of Directive 11 and other documents which dovetail into the policy initiative, we don’t know for sure.  What we do know for sure is that our POTUS has hired young and politically unseasoned men and women to work in senior advisory positions. That is a mistake.


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