K.M. Lessing

The Last English Prince met K.M. Lessing at the “Draw Muhammad Exhibition” held in  Garland, Texas.

Luckily, we had our conversation prior to the main event – Islamic sport.

It does seem a sporting event of sorts – using Freedom as a target.

Fortunately, First Amendment activists do not make for a running target.

Freedom stands firm.

Here is K.M. Lessing’s site:


You will find my review of her first book, “God has Failed Me” on the page.

Ms. Lessing sent me her latest video.

Reflect on the following questions after viewing the video.

* Do we have a right to freely publicize our thoughts and be judged by a jury of our peers

in an informal, open forum?

* Does throwing a pie at a piece of paper with the name Allah qualify as a hate crime?

Pamela Geller and all who attended the Garland event received a fatwa. Islamic State would like all of us to participate in their sporting event. They are the predators. We are the prey.

Ms. Geller is the bulls-eye on the target of this latest Islamic sporting event on American soil.

An officially verified report of the intent to behead her exists. Luckily, the Boston perp is no longer a threat

to society.

(Remember what I have written in a prior post – jihad begins with intent, and intent receives equal or sometimes

greater honor than the actual physical act.)

The Last English Prince does not believe in the concept of hate crimes. This manner of jurisprudence creates a caste society and also opens the door for Shari’ah enforcement in a secular democracy.


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