27 June 2015

Iftar – the breaking of the fast during Ramadan.

I spent it with a large group of Sudanese.

As I headed out the door my husband yelled at me:

“I hope you are not the beheading guest!”

Men in one room.

Women and children in another.

Mats were set out.

Food was served.

The best portions of food were reserved for the men.

Do jihad platforms urge greater violence during Ramadan?

Yes. It is a consistent pattern.

I have monitored this behavior for many years.

Praise Allah!  Kill an Infidel!  You can join Prophet Muhammad for Iftar!

There is a sickness….

Radicalization is misidentified.  It was “a man” who radicalized subject x, y or z.

Text precedes the man. Text drives the story.

Radicalization is contained with a text.

A text is the beginning point of radicalization.

I will be writing about jihad recruitment for the August issue of _Economic Affairs_.


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