The Underbelly of Abortion Practice in America

Abortion in America

As a registered nurse I have chosen to work in a facility that does not perform abortions.

Of course we are beyond “therapeutic abortions”.

But therapeutic abortion is an oxymoron. Kinda’ like “Hitler’s kindness”. Some words do not belong together.

Tissue has to be viable for harvest.

Organs must be viable for harvest.

How many babies have been born alive  in the category of intense suffering, to then die by the hand of the cruel?

What kind of woman can discuss how to efficiently kill a human being for tissue harvest over a glass of wine?

Should we not view these individuals minus their masks?

Perhaps your daughter was encouraged to have an abortion. Perhaps, your grandchild  is now just another piece of liver in a research lab.

Revulsion requires repentance. It seems in short supply within the money-making abortion industry.


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2 thoughts on “The Underbelly of Abortion Practice in America”

  1. Revulsion is my reaction as well.

    I do think that the teaching of evolution over the past several decades is now bringing this terrible harvest. After all, if a collection of cells is all that life is, then one can do whatever one wants with a collection of cells — including the collection of cells called a fetus.

    All the warnings that Creationists spoke of so many years ago are coming true.


    1. Belief in evolution has degraded the identity of humans as unique in creation.

      Belief that abortion is good for humanity now brings us tissue harvesting of viable neonates, euthanasia, assisted suicide, etc.

      When we move God’s boundaries for societal health we encounter societal ill.


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