Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez: Preface to Critical Analysis of Blog Posts

Trust media to write like they understand what they do not comprehend. This is especially true when Western media attempts to tackle the psychological posture of geopolitical Islam with regard to jihad.

We are greeted with the following headline and initial paragraph:

Gunman in Marine Slaying Described Life as “prison” Days before Rampage.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Investigators combed through social media and backtracked through the life of the gunman whose rampage left four Marines dead, seeking clues Friday on how a popular engineering student drifted to apparent despair in a world he described as a “prison.” (1)

A pallette of despair, as opposed to euphoria – is used to paint the picture. Aha! The poor man was depressed! Life was a prison that he had to escape! With a mental health work up he would have found redemption. Well…. not exactly. I see euphoria.

Perhaps the F.B.I. and others continue to flounder because a robust doctrine of jihad is not taught and references to jihad have been delinked from a religion of peace? The manuals are scrubbed. Individuals who are knowledgeable and express a concern can be marginalized. Can you analyze what you do not recognize as nuanced malignant thought with pathology demonstrable with a microscopic view?

Years spent with mentorship under strident jihadi has certainly helped. Over a decade of intense scholarship has also proven useful. We are never afraid to dissect Marxism and discuss the evils and pitfalls of a flawed political system which oppresses and abuses the masses. But we remain circumspect to declare Islam a flawed geopolitical endeavor. That flaw is glaringly noted by myself. I have studied and completely rejected Islam as a viable and healthy model for governance. It might work on micro-scale – but a global Caliphate will never work for freedom-loving Americans.

Islam began as something strange and will end as something strange. But that particular Hadith, has a story in itself. The Qur’an as handled today did not always exist in its many transliterated forms. And beyond the Qur’an, a vast reservoir of jurisprudence is in existence.

Although most Western audiences migrate toward Yusuf Ali, I prefer the Qur’an with contemporary English translation by this scholar:

Qur’an with good format for a Western audience

Under the third Caliph Uthman, a scholar named Zaid bin Thabbit was designated to produce a manuscript of the Qur’an in the native Qurashi dialect.   A total of seven copies of the manuscript were distributed and two of these are available in Istanbul and Tashkent. An incomplete copy is also housed in the British Museum. (An original parchment – the Manuscript of Hafsah – survived until lost in the fire in the famous Damascus library.)

The seventh century of Prophet Muhammad was followed by intense collection of Ahadith (the sayings, doings, approvals, and disapprovals of Muhammad) recorded by the Muhaddithun. Throw in Seerah, Ghazali, and several other branches of literature, and the information is robust. Robust…. and not understood.

Islam is signal, symbol, and code. It has an electrical current, for those of us who are able to recognize it. It is not by chance, that Mohammad Yusuf Abdulazeez placed a lantern on his Facebook page. It has high symbolic meaning to him. And yes, the symbolism is found in the Qur’an.

But let’s move on to what will be an abbreviated analysis of what I have found available regarding the writing of Abdulazeez in the days before his attack.  The writing shows a man whose trigger had already been psychologically pulled. It only remained to await his kinetic response. Later today, or perhaps tomorrow – I will place the analysis on the page.

Journalism and scholarship do not pay.  But the home must be cleaned and meals prepared.  smile

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