In December of 2004 I received an article from a strident Islamist from Pakistan. The article was released by an Islamist group and had 812 “reads” at the point it entered my e mail box. The article is copied below:

32 US Marines Killed in ‘Special Falluja Attack’

“In an attack which is deemed the first of its kind, 32 US marines were killed when 3 Iraqi Resistance Fighters commandeered a US tank and used its guns to open fire on US forces in the area.

The Resistance Fighters, belonging to the 1st army of Mohammed, were able to attack and kill the 6 occupants of the US tank which was located at the main street near the veterinary hospital in Falluja.

The Fighters than used the tank’s machine gun and shells to attack a cluster of US marines located about 300 meters away who were holed up inside their Hummers. The firing destroyed 4 Hummers as well as another US tank in the area.

The total US casualties according to the eye witnesses reached 32. On Sunday, 8 US soldiers were killed as well.

The 3 Iraqi Resistance Fighters also lost their lives and were martyred in this daring attack.”

At the time, I was still serving in the USNR as part of a Nurse Corps configuration for Fleet Hospital Dallas. While grieving the loss of our United States Marines, I also steadily educated the public regarding our geopolitical footprint. The combined armed forces were both shield and magnet. We were sent as a magnet, drawing toward us the men who wished to harm peaceful Americans. Providing a magnet for the hatred provided a shield for the innocent.

President George W. Bush had his detractors. But he made an extremely significant statement from the Oval Office the evening of the 9/11 attack. Our government had to be right 100 percent of the time if Americans were to remain safe on native soil.

Under the current administration, we can no longer claim a right to the 100% club. Nidal Hassan committed a hellacious act of fratricide. Exploding shoes, underwear and cars have been sent our way. Shards of bone and mangled flesh were the gift bequeathed on Boston. A woman in Oklahoma was beheaded.

Fallujah came and Fallujah went. Some have forgotten the sacrifice. Swofford never forgets.

On July 16th four U.S. Marines lost their lives on U.S. soil. Two days later, a U.S. Navy sailor succumbed to the gunshot wounds delivered to his liver and colon. Fallujah-in-Chattanooga. It is here.

My journalism and research have placed me in close quarter combat within the Intellectual Battlespace with loyalists to al-Qaeda and beyond. One contact, met with OBL a few weeks before the attack on September 11th. I am uniquely qualified regarding my own mentorship within this subterranean world. My own posture has been one of “indoctrination without compromise”.   I am intimately aware of the psychological triggers for jihad. I speak the truth.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez

The blog posts of Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez are composed of binary information. They also have a familiar ring. Although much shorter in length than the last will and testament written by the CIA bomber, the posturing is familiar to me. The CIA bomber gave credit to two men for his ideological outlook (Sheikh al-Maqdisi and Louis Atiyatallah, respectively). Mohammad Abdulazeez leaves us to guess, regarding his mentorship. The thought patterns of both men are recognizable. An infiltrative process has created an alter ego that now dominates and controls the input and outcome realms of human reasoning.

The first of two blog posts by Abdulazeez start with the words “Understanding Islam….” Undoubtedly, the man had read “Toward Understanding Islam” by Abul A’la Mawdudi, a noted Pakistani scholar whose influence was transnational. Ja’maat e Islami owes her inception and continued existence to this man. Al-Qaeda used the same, to funnel Pakistani college students into their organization. “Toward Understanding Islam”, is a favorite item placed in gift bags when Sunni mosques host Open House for the neighborhood. I retain one copy in my personal library.

In the first post, Abdulazeez speaks of the Sahabah (first generation Companions of Prophet Muhammad” and mentions their Ibada(h). For Muslims, Ibadah is worship, but the word is also used to note the “idol worship” of unbelievers. Their Ibadah goes against our Ibadah. Simple as that.

Abdulazeez mentions the rank of various of the Sahabah within the political realm of nascent Islam. I find it interesting that he opines, “All of them towards the end of the lives were either a mayor of a town, governor of a state….” We are dealing with some obscure vignettes which may not be known to a non-observant Muslim. The governor in question, Mu’adh, was appointed to administrate Yemen by Prophet Muhammad. He was asked three questions prior to the appointment.

  1. By what will you judge?
  2. By the Book of Allah.
  3. And what if you don’t find the answer there?
  4. Then by the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah
  5. And what if you do not find it there?
  6. A decision will be reached using my intellect.

Mu’adh was the governor of Yemen. Abdulazeez visited Yemen prior to his act of carnage.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez writes with a depth of knowledge regarding his faith. Essentially he is declaring Din wa Dawlah: “Islam is religion and state”. Americans embrace separation of Church and State. But jihad must be made against all who resist Islam. (Qur’an 9:33) Since that is so, We the People need to resist.

The second blog, “A Prison Called Dunya” looks deceptively simple. But I believe Abdulazeez was engaging a bit of code of his own, using the Qur’an as signal, symbol and code. The use of stagecraft with a prison, a guard, a large folder, a “world” between Paradise and Hell speaks volumes when considering Qur’anic text. Aspects of the Day of Requittal are sent out as signal.

Muslims believe that at the time of death, the soul is placed in a state of limbo and two angels (Nakeer and Munkar) are sent to assess the belief system. Specific questions are asked, and “correct responses” required.

At the Day of Requittal, an angel is present with a book in the right hand, and one in the left. Should you receive the book from the left hand, the outcome is not good for you. Qur’an 83 speaks to these beliefs. Ayat 7-9 use the word “Sijjeen” which means “prison record” or a written registry of the inhabitants of Hell. Ayat 18 uses the word “Illeyeen”, or the register of righteous ones. You DEFINITELY want the right hand of the angel  extended toward you. Terrifying visions of the Afterlife in the Qur’an are too numerous to recount. But when Abdulazeez writes of “the world” as  between Paradise and Hell, it appears he is sending a signal from the Qur’anic text for Surah 7: The Heights. The ayat 46-48 have to do with a region known as A’raf – it is a region which exists between physical Paradise and physical Hell – not unlike what is depicted in Dante’s Inferno. Life is a test here. Life is a test immediately after death. And life is a test if stuck along the heights, neither in Paradise nor Hell. Again, when I read the posts, the information is binary.

Abdulazeez, not surprisingly, quotes the Hadith of Abu Huraira (the father of the kitten). This man, was the most prolific of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad as a beginning point for chain of transmission (Isnd) for text (matn) of Ahadith.

One statement made in the second post, causes me to believe that Abdulazeez fell in with some “old school” al-Qaeda loyalists. Regardless, the young man is now dead. He struck the bargain for his own soul with Allah – and in his wake, a few dead Americans.

It seems fitting to end with this thought. Lance Corporal Skip Wells was a highly trained, professional United States Marine. He was “armed” with a cell phone. He used his “weapon” to text the last known words attributed to him:


This is the real tragedy. It is the tragedy of an unarmed U.S. Marine.


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