Human Rights: A Journalism Curiosity

This week I have been assisting a British journalist. He is doing a bit of investigation for a future article in a well-known journal.  I have pulled from my military/intelligence contact list and asked a couple of individuals to give him guidance and access to archived material. I am always happy to give a leg up to a professional colleague.

But e mails back and forth between us have brought a thought to the forefront.  The journalist in question focuses on global human rights.  He is also strongly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli in his posture.  None of this will change my willingness to assist him because I believe in a free press. He is free to pursue his craft.

But here is the question which bothers me:

Why are most human rights activists pro-Palestinian?

Of course, in a post Arab Spring world, an event which I prefer to call “Carbon Winter” – media market share is decreased for the Palestinians. Why give a rip about them with less than equal concern for the millions of refugees displaced by Carbon Winter? Injustice is rampant in Muslim-majority nations.  Israel (nor America) are the Great Satan. The Great Satan is more likely robed in black, wearing a turban, and threatening their own populace. Pick a country.

For a different slant, a post written by a friend.  BackChannels  comes into my alpha e mail account from day to day.



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