Olfactory Stimulants for Jihad

Received an email today from a fellow research journalist:

“How can a body be like camphor?”

Olfactory stimulants and metaphysical imagery are used to recruit youth to jihad. Adults fall for the same with regularity.

There was an interesting article on a Chechen rebel portal a few years ago. The image showed a mujahideen who had been found after a snow bank melted. As the corpse warmed up, a shout of joy went up. The deceased had the smell of musk.  He was in Paradise!  Allahu Akbar all around. Confirmation bias. Who needs further proof? Take up arms!  Get your certificate!

Perhaps the most vicious childhood recruitment tool in my library is “Winds from Paradise” by Umm Saad (mother of the one who prevails).

The author should be hunted down and dropped into a deep and dark hole.  Period. I am merciless regarding jihad recruiters.

Olfactory stimulation leaps off the first page:

“Breathe deeply, do you smell it?”


“No! Just smell… can’t you” It’s a beautiful scent… a sweet breeze blew now.”

He shook his head in disbelief, it was summer and the air was harshly still, it was humid and hot.

“No but believe me, it was there just now… as if a wind from Paradise. From there it came…he smiled a strikingly adorable smile, pointing in the distance.”

He turned and looked where Diraar was pointing… miles and miles away, there lied the borders and miles further a bloody battle raged where the souls of martyrs were climbing upward… the doors of heaven were open for their welcome… Maybe the winds from it had blown a little farther than necessary…

And that, my fine feathered friends, is just the first page.  But if you want to learn how to prepare for jihad, hop over to this archived article:

Agitation Propaganda


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