Islam as Global Grievance Industry

Thought for the day:

Islam’s basic doctrinal tenets are ones of expansionism and non-assimilation within host societies which are not Islamic. Islam is a geopolitical gestalt which is misunderstood by many. While there are Muslims who do assimilate well, there are vast numbers who resist modernization and healthy interactive function with Western, enlightened counterparts.

Islam demands highly visible participation of the Muslim belief system within the public square. Hence, it erodes the healthy division between a secular state which works on behalf of all citizens – whilst conversely, denying that the onus lies squarely on the shoulders of the citizens to also work for the common good of the secular state. Secular democratic governance is a win-win situation when deployed with balance. Some forms of governance…. stand taller than others. Think Shar’iah is a sweet Christmas pudding?  Take a year and live in an X, Y, Z Islamic state. Come home, worn around the edges, but wiser.

On a smaller note, 21st century Islam is a stake holder in the grievance industry.  We should not pander to the same. It is a poor model for governmental response and places the strengthened, stable governments in subservient position to those who have failed to secure their own futures. The weak should not dictate to the strong.  Yeah – I am a Darwinian Christian.

A refusal to take ownership of problems and political deflection against the stable Western powers continues to fuel the grievance industry.

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