Tammy Swofford: Journalist

For those with an interest, an archive for my articles with _Economic Affairs_ can be found at the link:

Economic Affairs

The team is still working to update the archives. Unfortunately, the pie charts which make “The Adolphus Complex”

readable are still missing. But to understand Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on small scale, take a moment to read my thoughts.

My journalism career is noted here on my static website:


My current writing is with _Economic Affairs_ as a senior correspondent.

I also contribute to Fauji Magazine on topics of interest. My most recent assignment discussed women in the military. Here is the current copy. My writing is not on the page this month.

Digital Copy of Fauji Magazine

My interest still leans strongly toward geopolitical Islam, terrorism and impact on societal health, and healthy governance initiatives.


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You may check out my primary site: tammyswofford.com Interests: *Geopolitical Islam *Healthy Governance Initiatives *Societal Homeostasis

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