The Rape of American Hostage Kayla Mueller by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Two separate texts in my personal library address the issue of “concubinage” during time of war. These concepts were the kalam (creed) of a nascent Islamic State. The actions of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi are not misinterpretation, rather application, of Islamic text. They are not “narrow interpretation” (as being reported by one media outlet) but rather, broadly understood application of the same. Rape of female captives, and the slave trade of the same, were common practice in the seventh century Islamic cradle . The booty of war was divided among Islamic men with the booty skimmed off the top by a man who called himself “the praised one”.

I have discussed this issue with two Islamic lawyers. One man is part of an Islamic Tribunal. The second, received his law degree from Damascus. These rulings are applicable in a modern age. There was no backing down, when I pressed hard for a logical explanation. The age of nine years was also given as a legal age for men to have intercourse with little girls. In discussing the issue of childhood female genitalia, pelvic girth, possible tissue damage – there was no clear means of reconciling issues of physical trauma induced from childhood rape. You cannot tamper with “divine revelation” according to these men. Logic is thrown out the window. Logic is trumped by Allah.

As a Christian, I am required to speak the truth with love. When speaking with the lawyers, my love for little girls was met with a cold and harsh reality.

What kind of a man and what kind of a God? These are the questions which must be asked when sorting out the story of a praying rapist.


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