Islam: Death for Apostasy

Muhammad had a woman named Umm Ruman killed for apostasy.   The precedents are clear because apostasy falls in the category of “the rights of Allah over man”.   It is the rights of Allah over man which provide Hadd penalties and other harsh realities when Islam is run as Islam reads within primary texts. The rights of man over his fellow man provide the softer jurisprudence which cover things such as financial transactions, social interactions, basic etiquette, etc.

Two schools of thought exist regarding apostasy. One school of thought is that an apostate Muslim must be killed immediately with the sword.  The second school of thought allows the apostate to be secured alone for three days and given a chance to repent. If unrepentant, the individual can be clubbed to death. This clubbing, just might make the person repent before being beaten to a pulp.  This ruling comes from a companion of one of the four great Islamic jurists, ash-Shafi’i.

Catholic priests in Muslim majority nations are being beheaded, Christians and their children are being impaled, and perhaps the worst Hadd punishment is being reserved for Muslims who flee the faith, no longer finding it a supportable venue for acts of worship.

We clatter about and the darlings of anti-jihad media crow about their access to documents x,y, and z regarding issues of apostasy, sex slave trade, etc. propagated by Islamic State. Sloppy research presents the usual dilemma. Discovery is not first sighting when it comes to Islam. Discovery, lies within the very texts which are held and revered within scholars hands. There are no real “Aha!” moments when it comes to Islam.  What is, is what was, what is to come. Are we willing to take a gamble? It appears so.

Until we confront, until we cease to whitewash, until we desist painting Islamic State as a perversion of Islam – we will continue to lose on the ideological front. Islamic State seeks to follow in the path of the Prophet, under the shade of the Qur’an, and with a sword in hand.

Do I hate Muslims? Absolutely not.  Does my stomach turn when reading about concubinage in time of war, clubbing apostates to death, and any other number of barbaric Islamic rulings?  Yep.

Give me liberty or give me death. My knee will never bow. The Last English Prince will not go down without a fight.


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