The Battle of Nicopolis: Modern Ideological Flanks (Part I)

“Having no previous precedents, the Companions of the Prophet followed Islam, paved the way to new organizational structures and established needed units of organized religion in the early days of Islam willingly and intentionally.  So the Muslims of today must follow the same way at the same pace and must enforce the Law of Islam knowingly and willingly on themselves and on others. No exemption is possible in this regard.  No power should be acknowledged to any one to deprive Muslims from following the words of their Lord and to be privileged in pursuing the Divine message. This right cannot be violated by any force whatsoever.”

Kavakci, Dr. Yusuf Ziya, “Islamic Inheritance Law”, Al-Huda Publications, Dallas, Texas copyright 1994, Preface, pg. xii

ISBN: 09676602-5-4


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