France Under Seige: Three Terror Attacks in Less than Eight Months

January 7th…  June 27th… August 21st…

Three attacks on native soil in less than eight months.

The Last English Prince remains firmly in the column against maintaining watch lists.

Lists should be maintained for only one reason. That reason is to identify and quickly neutralize threat.

When suspects are “known” to the intelligence services, “watched”, and then left to roam about the streets

we end up with scenarios like the one today which unfolded on a high speed train.

U.S. military personnel recognized the distinct sounds of a weapon being readied for an act of extreme violence.

Unarmed but armored with the core values instilled in them as highly trained and lethally capable members of the military, they chose to confront deadly force with great courage and the prowess which is gained from training.

The Moroccan man detained by the security services (after the attack)  was “known” to them. They knew and they stood aside?

Analysts gazing at their computers and “watching”  the individuals on “watch lists” should take note. You are playing a dangerous game and gambling with the lives of those you are tasked to protect.

Our enemy is strong, resilient, and capable of acts of extreme violence against peaceful citizens residing in the West.

They are only limited by their imaginations. So if the enemy imagines entering a newsroom and a supermarket and slaughtering French citizens, it is possible. If the enemy imagines beheading the boss and trying to blow up a factory, it is possible. If the enemy imagines boarding a train and slaughtering commuters, it can be done. The “eyes in the skies” are deficient because they lack talons.  These talons, must swoop up the jihadi predators and drop the same into the cages where they belong. Quickly.  Not after months of dawdling around.

Thank God, for the American military presence on the train. It is a distinct possibility that minus the intervention of the men the carnage would have been great.

We do not need watch lists. We need “Don’t fuck with us” lists which quickly identify and remove from play the individuals who show a strong interest in the destruction of Western civilization and her values. There is very little that can bring me to the point of vulgarity.  But there is nothing more vulgar than the continued assault which is being brought by geopolitical Islam wielded with a sword.

The Last English Prince is bloody pissed.

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