When Government Fails the Citizens

I will continue to write about the self-induced immigration nightmare in Europe.

See earlier posts.

Listen to the panic in the voices of members of the Greek community.

View rampaging young adult males.

Failure of European Governance

Europe was warned of a coming deluge of humans on the march.

My voice is small – but my voice roared on the page of _Economic Affairs_ in the September 2014 issue.

Europe did nothing.

There was no pre-staging of assets to quickly turn back and turn around a tide of individuals intent

on committing immigration fraud.

There was no strong naval blockade to turn back the human traffickers and their pricy cargo.

Indecision is always the worst of decisions.

Indecision is the domain of fools, not the domain of the wise.

Here in America we watch as Europe implodes.

Our hearts go out to the citizens caught up in the current avoidable madness.


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