Jean-Claude Juncker: Vision without Practicality is Myth

European Union President Jean-Paul Juncker delivered his fifth State of the EU address in Strausbourg yesterday. Part sentiment and part Stalinistic collectivization of the farms, neither format rises to the pressing needs facing a tax-paying citizen base.

“We can build walls and we can build fences but imagine, if it were you, your child in your arms, the world you knew torn apart around you, there is no price you would not pay, no wall you would not climb.”

Sentiment is the adversary of good governance. Let me state it again. Sentiment is the adversary of good governance. Realistic and holistic governance pulls the levers based on best practices, with a primary focus on citizens and their immediate and long term welfare. Elected officials are under oath and should be committed to one significant task: the keen representation of the constituency which placed them in office.

There are refugees. And then there are citizens. Stable nations are anchored by a citizen base. Rapid introduction of non-citizens for any reason, sparks an unhealthy nationalism. Rapid introduction of hundreds of thousands coming from a completely different civilization is disastrous. Europe is not Africa. Europe is not the Middle East. Europe is not Asia. Europe should remain European in both values and civilization for many healthy reasons.

In the grand vision of Jean-Paul Juncker, one hundred and sixty-thousand refugees will be relocated and given immediate access to work permits, totally circumventing the due process which makes immigration policy work properly. When talking of what sounds like a manageable number a lie is also being propagated. That lie, is that there is an end point to this mass migration. Well, not exactly. Imagine tens of millions.

By the sheer numbers, and at this very moment, Europe is in the throes of an invasion. As a prior military officer there is one thing that I know regarding threat. When the threat is incremental in nature, only the most astute become aware of the same.

Australia has steered a judicious and prudent course. Europe continues to embrace disaster.

(Please note: the author believes in a healthy form of nationalism which pulls to the center with a core identity as a citizen within the bounds of national soil. Erosion of national identity and threat to national identity bring civil strife.)


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