Obama’s Pentagon: The “JV” Team

At what point do we strip senior leadership of their medals and charge them with dereliction of duty?

Corruption within senior military ranks

Optical illusions do not equal legacy.

The optical illusion of an adept and intelligent POTUS with a firm grasp on foreign policy is eroding.

Legacy is the stuff of enduring value.

The current administration has little of the same to offer the world.

Bereft of real leadership skills, lack of intuitive grasp, and an average IQ saddled with narcissism

has created a C2 (command and control) environment which demands loyalty above integrity.

Loyalty above integrity is an act of treason against the oath of office which passes our lips.

Send in the clowns….

Tammy Swofford

(Former  LCDR with Fleet Hospital Dallas, USNR, NC)


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