German Chancellor Angela Merkel Joins the PEGIDA Movement

The right hand deceives the left…. or so it would appear. It is the day of Kali.

The Chancellor of Austria gave the appearance of being in lock-step with the Chancellor of Germany with regard to welcoming trains of refugees within respective national borders. The sport of the day was the chastisement of Hungarian PM Victor Orban for holding firm regarding immigration policy.

The disembarkation of 13,000 “refugees” in 24 hours from trains arriving in Munich finally caused Chancellor Merkel to respond like she had just joined the PEGIDA movement.  Borders are slammed shut. The limbic system has reacted but I still worry about the use of the cerebral cortex.  There is still no strong signal from government. Only with the repatriation of individuals who have powered their way into Europe with disregard for national sovereignty and immigration policy will there be an end game to this nightmare.

But for the moment, Chancellor Merkel understands the concern of German citizens who have joined PEGIDA. She has ordered a restoration of good order and discipline.

Which role will she pursue next? German Saint Nicholas welcoming the poor?  Or national leader who cherishes the role that law plays in safeguarding her nation against anarchy? Because at the moment, it is the politicians who have created the anarchy. Don’t blame the People.

In the meantime, Baghdad has added three flights a day to Turkey to handle the masses of happy future exploiters who seek to come to Europe without papers in hand.  The word is out. European borders are open, anarchy is o.k., and to hell with the rule of law.

There is a bottom line:  Movements begin when voices are not heard. Europeans want the rule of law restored. The alternative, is civil war.


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