Deep Sorrow: Journalism as Dismemberment of Truth

Deep Sorrow

I am experiencing deep sorrow regarding the wall of propaganda which continues to build regarding what is essentially a story of internal school discipline for the above device.

Try placing the above device in your carry-on luggage for a flight. The bomb squad will become involved.

JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) will interview you.

You will be charged (minimally) with inciting public alarm with a hoax bomb.

Ask one hundred adults to identify the above device. They will not identify it as a clock.

Perform a simple exercise worthy of an eight year old child.

Type the word “clocks” into Google and move to the “images” tab.

Show me one clock which looks like the image above.

Deep Sorrow for the wall of propaganda.  Deep Sorrow regarding how quickly this story grew legs and how many media organizations became involved. Deep Sorrow for the plethora of industry leaders (Google, Facebook, Twitter) who contributed to the propaganda wall.

This story smacks of orchestration on the highest levels. The internal affairs of a small city with a small school system is held hostage by a script which is manipulated for political purposes.

Journalism as dismemberment of truth.

Deep Sorrow. I cannot sleep.


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4 thoughts on “Deep Sorrow: Journalism as Dismemberment of Truth”

    1. As a professional journalist with high ethical standards the rapidity with which this story grew both legs and acquired stilts causes me to shudder.

      Merely search for “high school student expelled” and you can find stories of students and their interface with law enforcement for Swiss Army knives left in locked vehicles, etc. These stories do not rise above the level of regional interest, nor should they. They are things best sorted out between parents and the school system.

      How many of the aforementioned demographic of students received an invitation to the White House? This story is an octopus. Too many corporate legs. It is a propaganda wall.


  1. The success of this operation, whether intended or not, is this: from now on, it is politically incorrect, and thus unacceptable (as it will bring on huge amounts of criticism and harsh denunciation to the reporter) to notice, comment on, or much less report, any “suspicious looking device” in any public setting, particularly a school. Whether or not the maker of the device has any bad intent, or whether or not the device is actually dangerous is now less important than the PR fallout from a false report. This is not necessarily a good outcome. We are at war, whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or not. Just because the more noisy and deadly manifestations of war have not yet reached our shores in a major way does not mean we are not at war. People with bad intent now know exactly at least one way they can proceed with maximum efficiency.


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