An Ethical Journalism Framework

God has been good to me.  My life is immensely enriched by journalism.

I am a registered nurse. So journalism provides a tremendous outlet for a high emotional quotient yoked with a burdensome analytical cerebral cortex which always plays things out several moves forward on the geopolitical chessboard.

My goal has always been toward ethical reporting and commentary which is anchored in rudimentary tools of the trade:  Who, what, when, where, how, and why are the questions at the forefront when writing for a media outlet.  My nursing background also seeks out the “first do no harm” mantra of medical practice.

Over the years I have been engulfed in a few stories which cannot be told to full measure. Other stories, remain on a shelf. There is an ethical reason for the aforementioned. Source confidentiality can be a benchmark, even when reporting out pertinent information. If the source cannot be protected, the report may remain in the category of “the greatest story never told.” There are several such stories in my toolbox.

There is something else which is of  importance. Members of the press corps must keep their eye on the ball. Whilst  possibly having some small part in a story, we remove ourselves from performing in “Brian Williams” manner. We must never seek to build our reputation based on falsehood nor false bravado. The truth is always sufficient for the day.

This site remains my private journal for my private thoughts and also a method for archival storage of some of my commentary for _Economic Affairs_ , the SECP journal of Pakistan.  If you have stumbled onto the site, the welcome mat is out.  My posts can cycle with frequency, and at times with infrequency,  dependent on other responsibilities in my life.  For further information regarding my professional journalism, the link provided will suffice.

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