Sea Salt and Heavy Metals

Muhammad said that Muslims were like salt in a bowl. He got it partially correct.

Muslims can be like sea salt.

When sea salts are harvested the heavy metals must be processed out. Otherwise, they harm the human host.

Here is a redacted note which I sent a colleague today.

“I know Muslims who would not live in any nation but America. In fact,
they would mount legal battles if our nation sought to return them to
home soil. They want the benefits of living in America. They want all
that we have to offer, and they want it for their children.
In the truest sense, America represents “the right” of every Muslim in
the world. Every Muslim deserves to live as an American because
America “represents Islam in pure form”.  (Try not to gag but track with
me. This thought is a disambiguation deployed by the Muslim Brotherhood.)

But they hate American foreign policy. They believe our nation is the
most oppressive and predatory nation in modern history.  They believe
that the “injustices” we heap on others garner responses like 9/11 and
the same are justifiable use of force against us. The two hundred
people who leapt to their deaths on 9/11 and the countless others who
died do not have individual identities.  They are grouped into one
identity, a conceptual identity of the bully, finally being bullied
and receiving his just desserts.

Muslims look like sea salt. They have things to offer America. But
they are heavily laden with heavy metals. We have ignored the process
of removing the heavy metals.

The POTUS, the most powerful man on the face of the earth, has the psyche of a
Muslim. When he looks at our nation he does not see blessing. He sees
the deprivation that we have brought on Muslims. We are not blessed.
We are cursed because we have deprived Muslims of their rights. They
are poor, they are wretched, because of us. There is no justice in the
world, because of us.”  This is the mindset.

Oh, yes. America is the prize. Muslims lust after America. They want to claim it for Islam.

But when they do, America will cease to be.

Heavy metals.  How do we process them out?

We have largely neglected this task.

I have had lovely friendships with Muslims in America. Yet the conversations can be shocking, the anti-West

sentiment palpable, and the geopolitical gestalt impenetrable to modern thought.

How do we hold firm, make the gentle demands, and deport without apology those who refuse to relinquish their heavy metals? Yes, deportation without apology.

Society remains healthy when governance is healthy.

I do not apologize for America. I merely ask, that Muslims begin the process themselves of removing the heavy metals.

These are my observations. I stand firm in my thoughts.


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