If you are an American man and you rape, sexually assault, or beat a woman the  victim will face you in court.

If you are a Saudi prince involved in a three day rape-binge within your walled compound in Hollywood, the State Department lets you fly home.

Of course, this is with the understanding that a future memorandum of agreement will be signed. Or perhaps our State Department has bigger plans for the rape-turned-opportunistic-beast.

A woman attempts to scale a wall, beaten and bleeding.

A Saudi prince flies home to continue his rape-binging behavior.

How many women has he raped since his return home?

Raped women don’t matter.

Not if it is a Saudi dick in need of entertainment.

Raped women don’t matter. Not to our Department of State.

We cannot claim the moral high ground on women’s rights.

Raped women don’t matter.

Who is more predatory? Our State Department or a member of the Saudi royal family?

Callous vulgarity in American governance

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