The Right to Bear Arms

Chris Mercer Harper walked across a college campus in Roseburg, Oregon and left death and disability in his wake.

Job’s Comforter, otherwise known as President Obama, gave the predictable press conference yesterday afternoon.

It only took 57 seconds for him to move from the role of comforter to his recognizable pattern as the


At the 57 second mark he makes a clunky transition to the topic of gun control with the word “but”.

He did not make it to the one minute mark before torching the United States Constitution with the flame and smoke coming out of his mouth.

Chris Mercer Harper walked across a college campus.

The same day, approximately 100 million American handgun owners safely cleaned, stored, or carried their handguns across America.

We are safer and the state of our Union remains stronger because of the right to bear arms.  This amendment is a guarantor of our freedom.


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