Europe’s Migrant Swarm

Missing from the discussion on the massive invasive shift of population groups into Europe is an analysis of swarm behavior.

For many years I have noted that individual Muslims do well when secularized and adapted to the West.

But when Muslims  develop a primary identity as part of an Islamic collective, they behave differently.

Geopolitical Islam in the 21st century has swarm capabilities because of corridors of mass transit and the eCorridors

of the super highways.

In Irving, Texas a fourteen year old builds a hoax bomb.

In North Parramatta, Australia, a fifteen year old boy assassinates a member of the police community.

Are they different, or are they psychologically postured the same?

We scarcely recognize radicalization until it slaps us in the face, or pops us in the back of the head.

In Tennessee, concerned parents are mounting a fight against school boards. Their children must say the Shahada.

Saying the Shahada, makes you a Muslim.

Swarm behavior in the public school system.

Parents must sue the school system for radicalizing their children.

While not all Muslims are radicalized there is one undeniable truth.

The beginning point for radicalization is the declaration of the Shahada.

The beginning point, is embracing a text which allows for contralateral amputations, stoning of adulterous women,

crucifixions, female genital mutilation, honor killings, and beating to death of apostates.

Examine the text. Deconstruct the same. Why not? I have done it for years.

I reject Islam because of the utter cruelty within the text. I do not reject Muslims.

I love more than a few.

What about soft militancy as shown in this video?

Soft militancy in American youth

Regardless, personal narrative is not contribution to society. Let these young ladies give me a call after they

have really contributed something to society. All of us, have a childhood victimhood story. Intelligent people,

do not share these stories. It is as waters gone by. HuffPost is engaged in a propaganda whitewash. They are using children to accomplish the same.

Mind bending version which twists the lexicon a bit?

Radicalized Muslims are the individuals who break free of the constraints of Islamic texts.

Practicing believers, are the ones who embrace the text.

It is, of course, a dangerous game.

Swarming Behavior

Stigmergy and Swarm Intelligence

Europe is being swarmed.  The political bodies are lethargic. Europe gets what Europe deserves.

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