Amputation of Limbs: A Tenet of the Islamic Gestalt


“Islamic Justice: Amputation order tests Americans’ Muslim Faith” by Rahimullah Yusufzai

(Associated Press, Peshawar, Pakistan, 1994)

Daniel and Charles Boyd.

American citizens and reverts to Islam.

Below, a portion of the article text.

“Wrapped in a voluminous black shawl that hides all but her tear-filled eyes, Sabrina Boyd clings to her newfound Muslim faith and prays God will spare her husband from harsh Islamic punishments. An Islamic court last week sentenced her 23-year-old American husband, Daniel, and his brother, Charles, 29, to have their right hands and left feet amputated after the men were convicted of robbery. The courts said the sentences were in keeping with the tenets of the Koran, the Muslim holy book.”

Yes, this is what Islam teaches.

Islam teaches amputation of limbs for cases involving grand theft.

Have you read a Qur’an in multiple transliterations with attached commentary?

Have you discussed amputation of limbs with a legally certified Mufti?

Have you read jurisprudential documents and rulingsĀ related to Islam?

The Last English Prince has accomplished the aforementioned.

Amputation of limbs is a tenet of the Islamic gestalt.

Islam is a deeply flawed model for humane governance.

Europe will fall.

Europe will bow before the Gestalt.

Resistance is Futile

Many years ago I drew comparisons between the Borg and the Islamic Gestalt.

Black box hurtling through space…. a civilization which does not assimilate but erases other cultures.

Europe will fall.

The tools of democracy are being used to bring Islamic theocracy.

Muhammad experienced theophany.

Who “is” this “god” that enslaves the Muslims to a lower order of governance?


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