Predictive Analysis: The European Spring will be on Full Display in 2017

You cannot have intake without outflow mechanisms in place.

Sure, Europe can add tens of millions of souls.

Keep the (men) marching in. This is intake.

But there is a distinct lack of available outflow mechanisms to keep the population from bottle-necking.

Already, dangerous choke points exist.

These choke points are not just shown via drone images of human cargo on the march.

There are choke points for housing, education, and employment.

The displaced are now displacing the citizen base.  This is…. a national crime spree.

Europe will have her own “Spring”.

But it will be akin to what I called a “Carbon Winter” when Tunisia erupted and her political lava

reached distant shores.

Arab Spring. Tahrir Square

European Spring. Pick a square.

The dynamic will play out the same.

Think the Arabs are the only ones with a capacity for anger?

Try the Germans.

Try the Swedes.

Try the French.

Watch the lava flow.

Which European leaders will flee?

And which European leaders will be jailed?



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