Mohamed’s Rube Goldberg Machine

A young man took a device to his high school on September 14th.

The device was simplistic and produced a rational response of alarm.

A suspicious device was reported, per school policy.

Irving police responded, per protocol.

Chain of command was introduced.

Media was introduced to the story on the afternoon of September 15th.

The Last English Prince was the third journalist on site.

No freshened up make-up, barely combed hair. Tennis shoes. Pen in hand. No camera.

NBC had just left and Dallas Morning News had a photographer and reporter present.

CAIR called in via the personal cell phone of the father while I was still there.

A machine was now being built.

What has followed is a complex and difficult to understand media contraption.

On the morning of September 16th the story was top-trending for BBC.

Global reach mysteriously “happened”  while I slept on my own thoughts.

Media as Rube Goldberg Machine.

The failure of media to let the facts lead the story is a lapse in professional standards.

That standard is maintained by ethical character.

Ethics do not drive the story. Ethics – tells the truth and allow organic growth or natural death as result.

The Last English Prince believes that a Rube Goldberg Machine is a poor ethical model for reporting out.


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