Transgender Children: A Modern Day Form of Child Abuse

What would you report?

  • Would you report a parent who tells their child they are a dog and makes them eat out of a bowl on the floor?
  • Would you report a parent who makes their child sleep in a cage at night?
  • Would you report a parent who force feeds their child something which makes them ill?
  • Would you report a parent who is intent on destroying the reproductive capability of their child?

Would you report this?

Would you report a parent  who changes the God-given identity of a child, psychologically cages their mind, force feeds them on human experimentation and then destroys their ability to father a child, if born a male; and give birth to a child, if born a girl?

Do you believe that parents with “transgender children” are engaged in human experimentation without consent? A minor cannot give their consent for human experimentation.

Check out the Geneva Convention.

And then begin to call the social push for transgender children for what it is:


Call it inordinate evil.


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4 thoughts on “Transgender Children: A Modern Day Form of Child Abuse”

  1. In my view, this is the proper framing of the issue. Tragically, political leaders — many of them, anyway — are leading in the opposite direction.

    Even worse are academia and some organizations of worship. Those working in those arenas will have to stand and risk being fired if they go against the present tide. In fact, in the present insane cultural climate, many will be fired and, consequently, descend to a lower standard of living. How many are willing to allow that to happen to themselves and, in most cases, impoverish themselves and their families?

    Don’t get me wrong! This is a time for choices. What I’m seeing, however, is a lack of backbone for making the choices necessary to push back effectively.


      1. Transgender children? It is a form of extreme mental abuse imposed by predatory parents. Perhaps, since the POTUS is on the cover of the LGBT magazine, individuals are hesitant to speak. We need to regain our voice and our stride regarding this issue. This is an issue of child endangerment.

        * Speculation: Did Angelina Jolie push Shiloh to become “John” so that her breasts could be removed at a later date? Is this related to Ms. Jolie’s own fear of breast cancer? It has to be considered as a plausible query.


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