Freedom of Expression: My thoughts as posted on another blog today

The Last English PrinceNovember 14, 2015 at 8:26:00 AM EST


You posted this thought:

“Anyone who would willingly attend a “concert” by a band calling itself Eagles of Death Metal deserves whatever evil may come his way.”

Let me note that I am grateful that you populate this blog. You teach me a few things along the way, and I enjoy your prose. But I choose to respectfully disagree with you.

I was at the Garland, Texas event on May 3rd and had to bear up under the barrage of nasty comments from one man at work who told me “You deserve it. You shouldn’t have been there.” He knew I was one of dozens of members of the press corps who had been invited to this private reception. Still, he mocked my freedom.

Did the individuals seated at the restaurants last night have the right to buy a meal? What about the individuals who wanted to attend a sports venue with their families? Vibrant commerce is a sign of societal health. The Death Eagles venue was a tributary of a larger financial stream in Paris.

Charlie Hebdo came for the common man last night. Seventy Americans are still missing. It is likely their bodies have being removed from the theater. The families will be notified but most likely they already know the outcome.

Islamic fanaticism must be brutally crushed and actively resisted.

* The French, because they were unarmed, sang the National Anthem. Raising a voice to give courage does not rise to the demands of the moment. Yes, firearms cannot be brought into a stadium. But in Texas, outside of a stadium, would stand ordinary citizens ready to hastily scramble a militia to render aid. We are a state which believes strongly in Constitutional right.

My thoughts and prayers are with the American families and members of our embassy staff in Paris as they prepare the notifications.


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2 thoughts on “Freedom of Expression: My thoughts as posted on another blog today”

    1. Deat AOW,

      I have kept up with the comments. It allows me to measure emotional pulse. It is interesting that the person who came down on me hard for attending the Geller event is invested heavily in theater, and I have served as front of house staff for some of the productions which he and his wife have been involved in (he is on a board of directors for the same). I do believe that a line of thought “There is no way I would have been there, so I am safe” is a coping mechanism. None of us want to believe that we could be killed just for being our own unique self.


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