Donald Trump Speaks

I flew into Reagan National the day after the massacre in San Bernardino.

Much time has been spent discussing this issue with friends.

I spent the better part of a day with a fellow analyst from Maryland and spent several days with a power blogger in Virginia.

What we discussed is what many Americans are discussing today.

Are we safe?  Can we keep our offspring safe in the current geopolitical climate?

Donald Trump Speaks

Does he speak for a large segment of Americans?

Ask me in a month.  Ask me in a month, if there has not been another attack. Monitor the operational tempo.  Egypt:  October 31st. France: November 13th.  United States: December 2nd.




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  1. Are we safe?

    For the first time ever, my husband and I will not be Christmas shopping at the mega mall nearest to us. Some hackers of ISIS social-media pages have indicated that the mega mall is on the list of possible targets.

    So, my husband and I will journey to a more-distant mall, not our preferred mall because it doesn’t offer as many choices at the mega mall which we have frequented for decades.


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