Republican Presidential Debate: Focus on Fist-lam

The Republican Presidential debate is focused on Fist-lam tonight.

The Last English Prince watched the first hour and forty-five minutes.


*Ben Carson is a class act. He asked for a moment of silence to remember the San Bernardino victims of slaughter.   (The POTUS does not even have the decency to visit the city and express his condolences.)

*Marco Rubio did not directly answer the question, “Why are Republicans wrong if they want to ban Muslims.” (paraphrased)  He skated around the question and was indirect and flanking in his response.

*Fiorina: “Every parent in America is checking social media….” in response to a query as to why DHS has a policy against vetting visa applicants through review of their digital footprint and social media presence.

*There was an interesting dynamic early on.  Wolf Blitzer would pit Cruz against Rubio (two safe choices). But he would not pit either against Trump.  In a sense, it was a move to marginalize Trump from the conversation.

*Trump:  “We need toughness…. we need strength.”

*Ben Carson was unfairly set up with the question regarding killing children in Raqqa with carpet bombing, since his profession involves saving pediatric lives. But he answered extremely well. “Sometimes you have to finish the job as opposed to death by a thousand pricks.”

*Do a quick Google search, readers.  How many children have already died or been raped, displaced, or otherwise traumatized by Islamic State?  Yes. We need to finish the job so that others can live.

* Senator Ted Cruz is consistently ignoring the  bell. He has also ignored moderator Wolf Blitzer with demands to remember the rules of engagement.  I have found his behavior both condescending and arrogant. Perhaps a new rule should apply. Those who break the rules forfeit their participation in the next round of questions.

*Jeb Bush is terrified of Donald Trump.  But he also hates the man’s guts. Trump is very cunning.  He insults Mr. Bush by calling him a “nice guy”. Jeb looks both queasy and angry when confronted by Trump.

*Ben Carson:  “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first.”  (Analogy from air travel videos and use of oxygen during emergencies.)  He stated we must take care of Americans first and noted that the Middle East has been in turmoil for centuries.

So what will we do about Fist-lam…. a geopolitical Islam that shoves the fist in the face of the rest of the world?

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2 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate: Focus on Fist-lam”

  1. I watched all of the second round of debates last night — and most of the first one.

    Almost every candidate had moments of strength — and moments showing flaws.

    The big loser last night? Jeb Bush. His facial expressions screamed, “Sour grapes!”

    I’ve decided that Dr. Carson would not make a good Commander-In-Chief. I’m on the fence as to whether or not Carly Fiorina would make a good Commander-In-Chief.


    1. I concur. There were moments of strength and also signs of lack of cogent thought.

      My order of operations? Secure the domestic front first. Keep Americans safe through immigration enforcement and also improved vetting of immigrant populations including greater restrictions on Muslims coming from the chaotic hot zones. Other issues on the domestic front? Denial of incremental implementation of Shar’iah within the public square. We view Islam as a religion. That is a mistake. It is a geopolitical gestalt of which religion is a part. The gestalt, requires dominance of host population groups which are not Muslim. Islam at the core, requires a code of conduct which is adversarial to principles of human liberty.


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