2015: Three Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil

Garland, Texas:    I was in attendance when the event was attacked.

I am alive today because of good-old fashioned fire power. I remain grateful to the officers attached with the Garland Police Department and also the Irving Police who provided a SWAT presence for the Freedom of Expression Event.

I attended the Draw Muhammad Exhibit on May 3rd as part of the press corps. I am able to write this blog today because of a well-armed contingency of Americans.

After the attack, a male colleague told me that I “deserved it” for having attended the event. I “provoked” a response.

What did individuals do to deserve the death and destruction which was rained down upon them on July 16th and December 2nd?  The provocation is to be an American. The provocation, is to live free and not as a slave of Allah. The slave always hates the free.

Chattanooga, Tennessee:   The terrorist struck twice at gun free military installations.  “Gun free” and “military” is an oxymoron.

San Bernardino, California:  A terror couple attacked a gun free zone.

  • If a public venue is declared gun free, the onus is on government and/or  management to provide an officer who is in uniform and adequately armed against threat. Don’t ask us to die like helpless slaughtered animals. Give us a shooting chance.

We are at war… on U.S. soil…. for the first time since our Civil War. Our assailants pray five times a day.  And they undoubtedly prayed for a maximum body count.

Right to bear arms?  Essential – because we are at war with a powerful enemy.

And what will we do when our children are taken from us? What are we prepared to do – as lawful, peaceful, and Constitutionally-bound Americans?

Think about these issues.  Because when you wake up tomorrow the inconceivable may occur.  The caskets required for the deceased might be quite small.

May the God of the Christians continue to bless America. We are in need of His Divine guidance.

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