Cologne, Germany: Rapes and Massive Sexual Assaults in the shadow of a Cathedral

Allahu Shitbar: The Bar is Open in Germany

Perhaps most disgusting, is the police cover-up in Germany, Austria, and beyond.  Women are being raped.  And the second rape involves their vocal cords.  They are raped of the ability to speak out about what they suffered. Officially, New Year’s Eve celebrations proceeded in normal manner.  And then social media caught up with the lies, deception and ineptitude of a woman who will possibly become the most despised politician in Germany.

Police reports sought to bury the truth.  German women suffered sexual assault on mass scale in the shadow of a Cathedral.  Let that little thought sink in.

Chancellor Merkel should be forced to run the Shadow-of-the-Cathedral gauntlet.  The Mayor of Cologne should also be forced to run the gauntlet for chastising victims of sexual assault.

This week, sexual assaults and rape in the shadow of a church.  Where will the next mass sexual assault take place in Germany? In front of a hospital? At a local school as children are released from their classes? Inside a shopping center?

Merkel opened up the bar.  With the first wave of asylum seekers, the drinks were served and there were smiles all around.  But now the shit is rolling down hill.  There are not enough dung beetles ( errrr… police) to roll along the balls and keep them out of sight.

Let Merkel run the Shadow-of-the-Cathedral gauntlet. Let her be groped, fondled, and have every single vile thing inflicted upon her that was inflicted on young German women by immigrant Muslim men.  And then let her do the Germans a favor.  She must exile herself from the homeland she has single-handedly destroyed.



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