Islam and Suicide Missions

These are one man missions.  They are allowed by Islam. You can find the texts in books on the shelves of Islamic Bookstores:

Allahu Shitbar Strikes Again

We are Westerners.  Enlightened. Unafraid of dark corners of the mind which imagine a vast realm of punishment for living as free men.

We are Westerners.  We are free moral agents.  This agency is a gift from the Living God. By making choices and living out our mistakes, the grace of God carries us through.

We are Westerners.  We can draw images, choose to worship a statue, or not worship at all.  All of these things are available to us because it was the Living God who first spoke to Adam and said the very words which most likely inspired our Founding Fathers:  “You are free!”

  • Read “Jefferson’s Bible”.  He firmly stated that he was a disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Signatories to our Constitution were not inspired by Islam.  That is a Muslim Brotherhood script and I have heard it while seated at the dining room table of a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. They would have never penned a document which gave allegiance to this foreign god.

Our freedom was inspired by the Living God.

We should tire of those try to peddle what does not work: a form of governance which enslaves, strips of free will, and demands a daily pound of human flesh.

We should tire of the Allahu shitbar – whether it is wires sticking out of a “clock” or a vest.

We are Westerners. We are both sentinel and guardian of our civilization.

If we choose to walk away from the gift of God; if we choose to be slaves; may we live and die by the sword which we take up.




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