American Military Women in the Combat Zone

Perhaps we do not belong?

I served as a Naval Reserve officer as part of the Nurse Corps.

The only current image of the female sailor in custody of the Iranian government?  Media notes she has a “brown cloth” over her head.

This brown cloth, is a sign of the sovereignty of Allah over the affairs of women.

This sailor is a United States Navy asset.  In public, our heads are covered.  Inside the indoor spaces, we take our cover off. This is all about military protocol and etiquette. We are a professional standing army; one of the best in the world.

I have always said that it will be over my dead body, that I will take on the sign of female obeisance to the rule of Islam.

If we cave in over such a demand, perhaps our backbones are not made for a combatant role?

Many women have served admirably within the combat zone.

We need a policy which women can fall under which will protect them from harassment while in confinement.

As to whether are soldiers and sailors are raped in theater, that is an entirely different topic.




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