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Charlie Hebdo Cartoon


I don’t support platforming with a drowned child.  But that being said, the Charlie Hebdo team may have moved from a falsified guilt, thinking they somehow deserved their attack, to deep shock at what then happened in Paris, to total disgust at what happened in Cologne.

Private thought:  Is Parisian government complicit in the making of this cartoon? In other words, two years ago, CB might have been hit with a hate crime accusation. Now, Charlie Hebdo is being used to slap Muslims and say, “Damn it!  Just behave!”

I hate to see the footing of Europe. But then again, years ago I wrote that if policies were not carefully managed, the Islamist threat eradicated/contained, it would be every dog to the fight and there would be vigilantism.

Vigilantism is a product of failed governance.

  • The above was written to a fellow blogger. Within the galaxy of bloggers there are a few who stand out with their pithy thoughts, concern, mirth, and three-dimensional humanity.  I am lucky enough to know a few such individuals.



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