Naked Antelopes Before Lions

Islam is Dangerous to Western Values

Yep.  The approximately 600 women who were mauled by Arab and African migrant men in Cologne deserved it.

They deserved it because they were “naked antelope” presented to “lions”.

Not exactly.

They were German women enjoying the holiday.

It is doubtful the women were even dressed in a skimpy manner because of the cold.

But they were groped, assaulted and raped because they were naked antelope in the eyes of Muslim men. They are at fault because…. wait for it…. Germans drink beer.

In the West, we believe that women have a right to their own bodies and reproductive health. We believe they have a right to marry, remain single, or shack up. It really isn’t anyone else’s business. Period.

In the West, women have a right to a career and to chart their own course.

This is not a “to hell with the men” lifestyle. It is a lifestyle which is aided and encouraged by our enlightened Western men. We appreciate them. They certainly appreciate us! smile

When will we rise up with one voice and tell these nuts to shove their opinions where the sun doesn’t shine, pack their bags, and find their “happy place” in some little hell hole that remains a hell hole – because of Islam?

You want to abstain from alcohol, not wear perfume,  and wear a Heebie Jeebie all day, go ahead. But don’t shove it down my throat. And don’t seek to enforce your nonsense on others.  American women  are just not interested in the petty little goods offered up by the peddlers of Islam.

Push back!  Push back against this senseless nonsense! What is illogical, laughable, nonsensical, and impractical is not divine.

Here is what is divine summed up in one word:



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