The Court Affirms the Second Amendment with regard to Assault Rifles

Court Affirms Assault Rifle Ban Violates Citizen Rights

The ruling is a good one.  Citizens must have equal access to all firearms within the armory of the local, state and  federal branch.  Anything less does not provide a bulwark against tyranny.

The vast majority of Americans are responsible gun owners.  Our own rights should never be abridged due to criminal elements in society.  Criminals must pay for their crimes. Whether it is a baseball bat, a kitchen knife, or an assault rifle – it is not the weapon which is on trial.  It is the individual who wielded the weapon in murderous manner.

Today, ISIS released a video of an English-speaking child beheading a man.  The child needs to be brought into custody and then removed from civil society for the safety of all. The knife is merely an exhibit.

Civil society allows for the proper ownership, storage and use of assault rifles.


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