Thought for the Day: Europe’s Rising Nationalism

Vigilantism is a by-product of failed policies.  Good governance establishes healthy policy initiatives which nurture societal homeostasis. Homeostasis is dependent on a slow trickle of immigrants because assimilation takes time.  Europe has allowed an illegal deluge.

Merkel’s flood-the-soil plan has created a hemorrhage in the identity of what it means to be a German.

Germans are now psychologically assaulted as the foreigners in their own streets.

Germany no longer “feels” like Germany. It feels like something much different.

When a distinctly different civilization is imposed on an existing civilization, it feels like a post-war occupation.  Sadly, this is a pre-war occupation.

Europe will pay for the foolhardiness of her ways. Lack of willingness to value and preserve the cultural anchors which allow for societal homeostasis will blow up in the faces of the innocent.


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